Short and Sweet Version
Lazy bro, stylish sis, and the birth of Null Label. 

Long-Winded Version
Greetings, dear friend on the other side of the screen,

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your curiosity about us. At our core, we are a dynamic sibling duo hailing from the vibrant streets of Singapore. Our tale commenced in the distant realms of 2014, a year that holds the origins of something truly remarkable.

Picture this: a brother, a chronic practitioner of sartorial lethargy, nonchalantly donning the same attire day in and day out, as teenagers often do. Yet, in this seemingly mundane routine, there lay the spark that ignited a fashion revolution within the heart of his sister. It was a subtle something, a whisper from the realms of style and aesthetics that compelled her to intervene.

With determination akin to a fashion virtuoso, the sister embarked on a mission to transform her brother's uninspiring wardrobe. This marked the genesis of a remarkable journey that would shape both their destinies. A lazy brother, you see, can be remarkably discerning when it comes to his attire. In the course of time, his fashion inclinations evolved, gravitating towards oversized t-shirts and baggy pants, reminiscent of the alluring aesthetics found in Japanese streetwear.

In the pursuit of her brother's newfound sartorial passion, the sister encountered a challenge - the local stores could not satisfy his unique tastes. Thus, she ventured into the realm of online fashion havens to curate outfits that would satiate his style cravings. As the brother strode confidently into his school adorned in his fresh, on-point ensembles, he soon found himself in the midst of a burgeoning fashion following.

A curious revelation occurred. Many of his peers admired and inquired about the origins of his distinctive style. In that moment, a brilliant idea crystallized within the brother's mind. The next time someone would ask about the source of his enigmatic attire, he would stealthily recommend a shop - a shop they could hardly fathom was born from the seeds of his very own vision.

This, dear reader, is the genesis of Null Label, a brand that thrives on the fusion of personal style and individuality, a testament to the idea that fashion is not merely a trend but a means of self-expression. Welcome to our fashion odyssey, and thank you for embarking on this journey with us.

With warm regards,
The Sibling Architects of Null Label 
But why call ourselves NULL LABEL?
We used to be called YOU, even had a logo for it, but honestly, we forgot why we ditched it for NULL LABEL. But don't worry, the essence is the same: we're all about you being unapologetically you! We thrive on the quirks, the uniqueness, and the fun in expressing yourself. We're not here to be cool, but to set you free to embrace what you truly love without fearing judgment. NULL LABEL? Well, it's about shedding those pesky labels we all wear—'you're this, you're that.' Let's toss them out, embrace our true selves, and rock it! 🚀 Thanks for coming to our Ted talk – now go have an awesome day! 🙌